Meet Sma11World

My name is Griffin, but I go by sma11world. Don’t ask me what the numbers mean, I’m still trying to figure that out myself. I chose the name ‘sma11world’ because it’s a phrase that resonates with me.

I believe we are all connected and we should use that to really help each other when we can. My journey began when I started doing cover art for artists on Soundcloud. Six years ago I started 3D which is when I quickly came to realize that this is what I wanted to do with my career.

In my non-virtual world I like to paint with my girlfriend and sometimes our dog joins in. Gal Yosef is one of my favorite 3D artists, but I would say my real inspiration comes from my friends in the art community Durao, SweggySupplyCo, LipSmak & Cattyum. We drive each other to improve and to push the limits of 3D designs.

I also owe a lot to Sean Williams for putting me onto NFTs Work-wise, I was a developer on fintech, which I now do freelance. I found crypto through my fintech job a few years ago and watching it evolve with NFTs has been exciting!

My favorite blockchain is, of course, Cardano and I have been dying to get into the community and help where I can. I started by reaching out to ADAO. I really wanted to help develop software on Cardano, but I am still learning and eager to work closely with this community. Whilst listening to some Spaces, I heard RatsDAO speak and I knew instantly they were something special. I bought in straight away, amazed at the possibilities of their DAO. After numerous chats in the Discord with them I knew we’d be a perfect fit. I was absolutely thrilled to get involved with the Berry Anniversary mint when the opportunity presented itself. Nice to meet everyone, happy to be here!


Twitter: @sma11world1
Instagram: @sma11world
Discord: sma11world#7624